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Do You Take My Money FIRST – THEN – Figure Out If I Qualify for a Medical Marijuana Card?

NO !   That would be ridiculous !!!

Why would we FIRST take your money – BEFORE we know if we can help you – then give you a Refund ???

That kind of behavior should ALERT YOU – SOMEONE is JUST AFTER YOUR MONEY!!

That is NOT how the Professional practice of medicine or a Reputable doctor’s office operates !!

You will have an opportunity to FIRST MEET OUR DOCTORS – AND SPEAK WITH REAL QUALIFIED and CERTIFIED PHYSICIANS – and THEN a determination is made as to HOW you may be helped!!!


We are surprised they also don’t offer you a REFUND AND A TOASTER !!!!!!  Shameful behavior – NOT what we consider Professional, Medical, or Intelligent behavior.

THAT type of behavior is generally a sign that the business is operated by ruthless business people – and NOT PHYSICIANS – who are attempting to take advantage of the infirm and those with serious medical conditions who are vulnerable.

Beware of such behavior.

Will Someone Help Me with the State Application to Get a Medical Marijuana Card?

YES !   Our expert staff at the Florida Medical Specialty Group will help you with the Application and walk you through the process – you will NOT be alone !!!  We will arrange Teleconferences, Face Times, Skype, or in-person meetings, if you desire, to assist you in any way necessary.

Who Qualifies for a Medical Marijuana Card?

In the State of Florida – to qualify for a “medical marijuana card” – that is – to be included in the Compassionate Use Registry and receive a medical “Recommendation” from a Qualified and Registered Physician you must:

(1).     be a ”Resident” or “Seasonal Resident” of the State of Florida


(2).     have a Qualified Medical Condition

How Do I Prove I Am A Florida “Resident”?

To prove you are a Florida Resident you may provide

(1).     valid Florida driver license


(2).     valid Florida identification card

How Do I Prove I Am A Florida “Seasonal Resident” ?

If you are not a Florida Resident, you may Qualify to be included in the Compassionate Use Registry if you are a “Seasonal Resident.”

The term “seasonal resident” means any person who temporarily resides in this state for a period of at least 31 consecutive days in each calendar  year, maintains a temporary residence in this state, returns to the state or jurisdiction of his or her residence at least one time during each calendar year, and is registered to vote or pays income tax in another state or jurisdiction.

You can submit a copy of any two (2) of the following:

  • A deed, mortgage, monthly mortgage statement, mortgage payment booklet or residential rental or lease agreement.
  • One proof of residential address from the seasonal resident’s parent, step‐parent, legal guardian or other person with whom the seasonal resident resides and a statement from the person with whom the seasonal resident resides stating that the seasonal resident does reside with him or her.
  • A utility hookup or work order dated within 60 days before registration in the medical use registry.
  • A utility bill, not more than 2 months old.
  • Mail from a financial institution, including checking, savings, or investment account statements, not more than 2 months old.
  • Mail from a federal, state, county, or municipal government agency, not more than 2  months old.
Can A Minor Qualify For a Compassionate Use Card?

YES !!  In order to Qualify, a Minor must provide the State of Florida with:

(1).     a certified copy of a birth certificate; OR,

(2).     a current record of registration from a Florida K‐12 school; AND,

(3).     must have a parent or legal guardian who’s a Resident (NOT a Seasonal Resident)

What Is a Qualified Medical Condition?

A Qualified Medical Condition is a condition defined by Florida Laws which qualifies you to receive a “Recommendation” for medical marijuana.

Those conditions come from both the “Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act of 2014,” and what is commonly referred to as Amendment 2 (fs 381.986, Medical use of marijuana).

The Qualified Medical Conditions are listed in our Website.

What is a “Recommendation”?

Under the laws of the State of Florida, Physicians are permitted to write “Recommendations” for the Compassionate Use of Medical Marijuana.  It is similar to a “prescription” – only under these circumstances is called a “Recommendation.”

Similar to a prescription – a Recommendation will include the constituents of what is being ordered, the dose, strength, frequency, and amount.

Unlike a prescription – a Recommendation for medical marijuana can not be written on a prescription pad or called into a pharmacy; rather, a Recommendation can ONLY be entered into an official data registry.  The Dispensaries from which your medical marijuana will arrive will have access to that Recommendation upon our entering it into the database.

How Do I Begin?

It begins with a Phone Call to 561-331-5838 – at which time we will answer your Preliminary questions – THEN you will be able to speak LIVE – with one of our Physicians!!

BEWARE of offices which do NOT let you speak DIRECTLY with a Physician UNLESS you Pay MONEY – BEWARE!

What Steps Do I Go Through to Obtain a “Recommendation” ?

We have made the Steps you go through to obtain a Recommendation fairly simple.

Please review the process on our website.


How Soon Can I get my State Patient ID Number?

IMMEDIATELY after the FIRST visit with our Physicians you will receive your Patient ID Number which will permit you to begin the Registration process with the State of Florida.  Click here to see our process.  After you are “Accepted” into the Florida Compassionate Use Registry – you will receive your final Patient “Number” and ID Card.

We may be able to IMMEDIATELY BEGIN you on Treatment upon your in-persona examination and evaluation by our Physicians depending on your medical condition.

How Much Does Your Program Cost?

Our Program costs $250.  Click here to see what is included in the program.

ALL Renewals are included.

  • There are NO Fees for Follow-up Visits.
  • NO Fees for Dose Adjustments.
  • NO Fees for cancellations.
What Does Your Program Include?

Our Program is comprehensive and includes ALL Examinations, Evaluations, Re-evaluations.

You are NOT charged for Follow-up Visits, Visits required for your Dosage Adjustments should you need one, nor are you charged for any visit cancellations.

Please see a detailed list of what our Program includes here.

What About “Privacy”?

Like ALL aspects of ANY professional and competent medical practice – ALL the information you provide to our Office and Medical Staff is PROTECTED under the United States Federal privacy laws of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

ONLY those individuals YOU decide may share in that information can have access to such information – ONLY YOU DECIDE.

Once I Receive My “Recommendation”– How Much Medical Marijuana Can I Buy ?

You are ONLY permitted a 70 day supply of your medical marijuana after we submit the Recommendation.  That can be renewed up to three (3) times in 210 days.

We need to evaluate you (via Telemedicine conference) every 70 days (you do not need to come into the Office) before we renew your order.

We are legally required to physically see you every 210 days.

We STRONGLY SUGGEST you do NOT get the FIRST 70 day Recommendation COMPLETELY FILLED – very often you may need an ADJUSTMENT of your dose or regimen – so no need to buy too much prior to us knowing what EXACTLY WORKS BEST FOR YOU !!!  Each patient is different. In this regard it is very similar to any medication – one dose does not work for all people

How Do I Actually Get my Medical Marijuana Once Approved ?

Generally, you can call a State Approved Dispensary, give them your name – and they will verify that you are (a) approved in the State Registry and (b) have a Recommendation by our Physicians (they will actually be able to see the Recommendation).  Then – you can arrange for your Medical Marijuana to be DELIVERED TO YOUR HOME !

Some Dispensaries may have actual “Stores” which you can visit – but – REMEMBER: you can ONLY BUY something in the Store IF you have a Recommendation on file with the State; and, you can ONLY BUY EXACTLY what the Recommendation is written for (or a lesser amount).

Am I Guaranteed to Qualify for a Qualifying Medical Condition ?

NO ! NO ONE CAN Guarantee that you Qualify – BEWARE of clinics which say they can!!

You can only receive a Recommendation if our physicians believe you have a Qualifying Medical Condition as defined by Florida laws, and that the benefits of using medical marijuana outweigh the risks.

If you do not qualify for a formal Recommendation – options DO STILL REMAIN – our physicians will discuss them with you if they are appropriate for your medical condition. Such options may still include Cannabinoids (CBD) and low levels THC.

I Already Have a Card from Colorado (or New York, or California) – Do I Still Have to Have a Card from Florida ?

YES!  Each State regulates the use of Medical Marijuana according to their own state jurisdiction and state laws – they are NOT interchangeable but rather are distinguishable.

If I have a Card from Colorado AND Florida – can I Travel Between Those Two States Carrying My Medical Marijuana?

NO!  The “transportation” of marijuana requires specialized State and Federal licensing – a Compassionate Use Card only permits you to use the medical marijuana in the State which granted you the Card

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