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The Program

Our Cannabinoid and Medical Marijuana program at Our Clinic is all inclusive – one price covers ALL VISITS for a 210 DAY period (the State of Florida requires that we do another in-person Evaluation Every 210 days; you are entitled to three (3) seventy (70) day Recommendations within that 210 day time period – those visits are ALL COVERED by our Program Fee).

Program Fee:   $250.00 / 210 Days

NO FEE for Follow-ups

NO FEE for Dose Adjustments

Program Fee Includes:

Initial Phone Conversation with the Drs.

(Computer Teleconference or Face Time)

Required In-Person Examination and Evaluation with the Drs.

(for State of Florida) for the 210 Day time period.

Collection and Review of your prior Medical Records substantiating your Qualified or Serious Medical Condition
Subsequent Follow-Up Physician Visits for 210 Day time period – for Adjustments or Additions to your Recommendation
Teleconference for Assistance with your State Application for your Compassionate Use Card / Registry
Subsequent Follow-Up Physician Visits ALL INCLUDED for the 210 Day time period.

How Do I Get Started?

Call: 561-331-5838 And Schedule a time to speak with Dr. Gionis.

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