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The Process

What Steps Do I Go Through at Our Clinic to Obtain a Recommendation?

It begins with your initial call to: 561–331–5838 – at which time we will answer your Preliminary questions.
During your First Call, a time will be Scheduled for you to speak with our Physicians via a Telemedicine conference. This will be a FREE COMPLIMENTARY conference with our Physicians.
After you speak directly with our Physicians and join our Program, You will then be contacted by our Staff to Assist you with your State of Florida Registration for the Compassionate Use of Medical Marijuana – this will also be conducted through a Teleconference if you like for your convenience.

At this time we will begin the process of obtaining your Medical Records for verification of your Qualifying Medical Conditions.

Also, at this time, we will obtain your Patient ID Number from the State of Florida – this the first “Number” you will be assigned by the State of Florida. You may use this Number to track your progress in obtaining your “Card” from the State.  When you are actually “Accepted” into the Compassionate Use Registry, you will be assigned your final Registration Number by the State of Florida.

We will perform an in-depth in-person examination and evaluation of you; and we will review your pertinent medical records.

We may start Treatments at this time IMMEDIATELY, based upon our examination, evaluation and assessment of your medical conditions.

We will await your “Acceptance” by the State of Florida into the Compassionate Use Registry and issuance of your final Registration Number and “Card.”  Actually, YOU will be notified FIRST via email. At that time we will be able to enter our “Recommendation,” as appropriate for you, into the State databank. Upon our entering your Recommendation, you will be able to obtain your Medical Marijuana for medical use from any State licensed Dispensary you choose.

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